Event Information


Event race numbers and race packs are to be collected between 8:00am – 9:30am at the bottom of Skyline Gondola on Race Day - 25 March 2017.

There will be NO race pack pick up avaliable on Friday afternoon this year.


Athletes will run past the Skyline complex at the top of the Gondola - offering a great vantage point for spectators. Up to the minute race information from the course and results will also be available to spectators here.


The weather in March is generally good, however being in an alpine enviroment things can change quickly. Please make sure you keep up with the latest forecasts and make good decsions in regard to the gear you wear or take with you.


Officials Athletics New Zealand Championship medals will be awarded at the post-event prize giving at the top of Skyline gondola. NZ Championship medals shall be awarded in the following categories:

Under 20 Men (age as at 31 Dec 2017)

Under 20 Women (age as at 31 Dec 2017)

Senior Men (Any age 18+)

Senior Women (Any age 16+)

Masters Men & Women  - Five year age groups beginning 35-39 - i.e. 35-39 Men, 35-39 Women, 40-44 Men, 40-44 Women etc.. Age as at 24 March 2017. 

In order to qualify for NZ Championships medals entrants must be current financial members of Athletics New Zealand.


There are no cut off times for any of the events.


All amenities are available at the base and top of the Skyline Gondola, Queenstown near to the start line and Race HQ.


The prize giving and medal ceremonies will take place after the completion of racing  at the Skyline Gondola complex at the top of the gondola. To be eligible for category and spot prizes participants must be present at the prize giving to claim their prize.


There is plentiful car parking in and around Queenstown and within close walking distance to the start line. Please look out for car parking signs and follow the instructions and directions of the car parking officials.


Water, sports drinks and bananas will be available for athletes at the top of Skyline gondola. No other age stations will be provided if athletes require additional refreshments it is recommended these are carried with you.

Cafes in Queenstown are in abundance and the Skyline Gondola  Stratosfare Restaurant & Bar can cater for all your replenishment needs post race. 


The team at Queenstown Health will be on site ready to ease away any aches and pains after your accomplishment at the Finish Line.


In the unlikely event of an emergency, first aiders will be located around the course and at the START / FINISH. Qualified personnel will be assessing participants during the race to make sure that everyone is in a fit and good physical condition to continue.


In the unfortunate situation a participant must withdraw from the event you must inform the nearest checkpoint staff and wait with them until the last participant passes the checkpoint and then be escorted – transported to the finish line accordingly.


In the unfortunate circumstances a participant has an accident during the race – please (if you can) make your way to the nearest checkpoint and notify the first aid staff. If a participant cannot make it to the next checkpoint as a result of injury – the participant must stay in the area of cause of injury and does not deviate from the course whilst also use their recommended gear as required whilst also notifying other participants of their injury for them to in turn notify the next checkpoint staff. Whilst waiting for assistance the participant must stay in the location where they obtained their injury and the first aid team will come to them.

Should another participant assist another injured runner; they are to take note of the time spent assisting the injured person and this time will be deducted from their overall time upon notification at the finish line.


It is recommended that participants traveling from overseas obtain appropriate travel insurance taking in to consideration they are taking part in a sporting event in the event of a medical emergency.


Please make sure that anything you take on to the marathon course that needs to be disposed of after use is disposed of in the rubbish bins provided at the half way checkpoint and at the finish line. LITTERING WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION.

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